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2014 Process Mama loveys Hoxton sq London.
2014 Night Light Arttours Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany.
2014 City of light Leeds art Gallery Leeds
2014 Stop the War Samia Gallery London.
2014 Gaza Fund raising auction Samia Gallery London.
2014 light window Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge
2014 slide code with look 4 Ideas Nottingham.
2014 Spode Moulds Silk Mill. Derby.
2014 Recycled Wire Art Station (Tour de France) Barnsley.


2009 Lost and Found, the Light Box, Woking.
2008 The Carlisle Collection: 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe
2008 Lost and Found. Derby Museum and Art Gallery
2008 Cutting edge. Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2007 A+B=CC Object Map. Bonington Gallery. Nottingham.
2007 Talking Points. Cooper Gallery. Barnsley.
2006 Multipli City. Context Gallery. Londonderry.
2000 City Sites. (Tales of the City) Nottingham Castle Art Gallery.
1994 Subject To Change . Prema Arts Centre.Gloucestershire.
1990 The Shape of Things. Oldknows Gallery. Nottingham.
1984 Shattered Land. Salamander Gallery. Bolton.


2006 Yes I said Yes I will Yes. Future Factory. Nottingham.
2004 Sin Dex. Herbert Art Gallery. Coventry.
2003 YAH Arts Festival. Bonington Gallery . Nottingham.
1999 Used Future. South Hill Park Arts Centre. Bracknell.
1998 Redundant Array. Redundant Technology Initiative. Sheffield.


2013 Isoculture Watermans Art Centre. London.
2013 Tempting Failure The Cell Bristol.
2013 Process Matters The Gallery (Stoke Newington) London.
2013 Strange Glue Thompson Gallery Boston Mass. USA.
2012 10-22-38 Astoria Fictilis @ The Lab San Francisco CA. USA
2012 Ghost Station Bletchley Park Bletchley.
2012 500 Faces touring photographic exhibition.
2012 Implex Gallery 40 Brighton.
2012 Artefacts of Failure Quad Derby.
2012 Rejected A side B side Gallery. London.
2012 Urban Cupola Gallery Sheffield.
2012 Austerity Measures Norwich Art Centre Norwich.
2011 Games People Play Deda Derby and touring.
2011 Working Title Aspex Portsmouth.
2011 Economies of resistance Wolstenholme Creative Space Liverpool.
2011 Collective Fringe Art Bath.
2011 Typescript Chapel Gallery Ormskirk.
2011 The Wheel Turns Embrace Arts Leicester.
2010 Des Pardres Sarjan Gallery, Vadodara India.
2010 The Public are not Invited. The Nottingham Workshop Nottingham.
2010 Choice of (1) Kioskshop Berlin. Germany
2010 population of rabbits Arlington Arts Centre Newbury
2010 Art Zond St Petersburg, Russia.
2010 Atomino Crimmitschau, Germany
2010 Des Pardres Various locations Derby and Nottingham
2010 Recycle the Future Galerija Galzenica Zagreb. Croatia
2010 Repurpose Old Dominion University Norfolk USA
2010 Mining. Hotel Mariakapel. Hoorn NL.
2009 Once Upon a time in the West. Pixelpoint Nova Gorica Slovenia
2009 7th Mercorsul Biennial culturale santander Porto Alegre Brazil.
2009 Relic Galvanise Art Festival Sheffield.
2009 Africa 53 The gallery @ The Civic. Barnsley.
2009 Exodus Urbis. Manchester.
2009-10 I packed this myself (touring) DMT Gallery. Camborne ( Cornwall)
2008 Envelopes Wolstenholm Square gallery Liverpool
2008 Recycled by Design Guildford House Gallery, Guildford.
2008 Changing matters (Resilience) Swedish Academy of Fine Art Stockholm. Sweden.
2008 Subliminal Seduction Another Roadside Attraction London.
2007 Flash Flood MPR gallery, Tuscon USA
2007 Pathogeographies Gallery 400, Chicago USA
2007 Stuff Happens. curated by Leo Fitzmaurice. Angel Row Gallery.
2007 Mapping. Bury Art Gallery.
2007 As if One wasn't Enough. 20/21 Gallery Scunthorpe.
2007 Out of Place. curated by Mary Doyle. Angel Row Gallery. Nottingham.
2006 Typo. The Gallery NCN. Nottingham.
2006 Round One Way. Independents. Liverpool Biennial.
2006 Intersections. Future factory. Nottingham.
2005 Ex Industria. (CAFKA) Kitchener. Ontario. Canada.
2005 Collections. Surface Gallery. Nottingham.
2004 YAH Arts Festival. St Marys Church. Nottingham.
2004 Inside Art. Surface gallery. Nottingham.
2004 3rd Restcycling Art Fair. Backfabrik. Berlin.
2004 Pure Rubbish. Northern Quarter Gallery. Manchester.
2003 Nottingham Open. Nottingham Castle Art Gallery .
2003 540N. Ferens Gallery. Hull.
2003 Light Agents YAH Arts Festival. Surface gallery. Nottingham.
2003 East Midlands Art Auction. Djanogly Art Gallery Nottingham.
2002 Blueprint. Turtle Arts. Nottingham.
2002 East Midlands Art Auction. Djanogly Art Gallery. Nottingham
2002 group show. Art at One Gallery. Changford Devon.
2002 Art from the Studio. Nottingham Castle Art Gallery.
2001 New British Art. Stadbiblioteket. Gothenburg . Sweden.
2001 Visualise 2001. Bonington Gallery. Nottingham.
2001 Architecture Week. Bend in the River Gallery. Gainsborough.
2000 Box Project. Angel Row Gallery. Nottingham. Turnpike Gallery. Leigh. Museum of Installation. London.
1999 Conflux. Bonington Gallery. Nottingham.
1998 Hardcopy. The Gallery of the Future. Loughborough.
1997 Inspirit. Weekday Cross. Nottingham.
1997 Size Matters. Redundant Technology Initiative. Sheffield.
1997 Undercurrents. (sound installation) Canal Museum. Nottingham.
1996 Sightings. Byard Lane. Nottingham.
1996 Alternative Arts Fair. Spitalfields market. London.
1995 Constructed Images. Byard Gallery. Nottingham.
1994 Leicester Open. City Gallery. Leicester.
1993 Innovart. Leicester City Art Gallery. Leicester
1992 Pushing Against the Wire. Road Mender. Northampton.
1992 Industrial Designs. Angel Row Gallery. Nottingham.
1992 Making Waves. Janus Avivson Gallery. London.
1990 Avant Garden. Smiths Gallery. London.


2006 Yes I said Yes I will Yes. Future Factory. Nottingham.
1997 Inspirit. Weekday Cross. Nottingham.
1997 Undercurrents. Canal Museum. Nottingham.
1996 The Last Picture Show. Byard Lane. Nottingham.
1996 Sightings. Byard Lane. Nottingham.
1994 Contemporary Art in Practice 3 Broad Street Gallery. Nottingham.


2007 Metro (April 16th)
2007 Guardian Guide (April 14th)
2007 Nottingham Evening Post ( April 13th)
2005 The Record.Kitchener. Ontario. (September 24th)
2004 Nottingham Evening Post. (October 29th)
2004 Manchester Evening Post. (February 15th)
2004 Pulp Manchester University press. (February)
2000 Nottingham Evening Post. (December)
1999 The Guardian Guide. (May)
1998 Live Art Magazine. (May)


2007 Parade Exhibition catalogue.
2006 Arts and Business. Publicity catalogue.
2006 Yes I Said Yes I will Yes. Exhibition catalogue.
2004 540 N. Exhibition catalogue.
1998 Lovebytes Open. Festival catalogue.
1997 Size Matters. Exhibition catalogue.
1995 Art for Parks and Gardens. Exhibition catalogue.
1993 Metal Sculpture. Exhibition catalogue.


2001 Designs for landscape /sculpture Metro Housing Trust. Nottingham.
developed in collaboration with Cullen Carter and Hill Architects.
2001 Designs for Public Art. Gainsborough. Commissions East.
2000 Designs for Public Art. Great Yarmouth. Commissions East.
2000 Designs for Cultural Mapping. Leicester City Council.
2000 Mosaic seating sculpture. Bulwell Hall Community Garden. Nottingham.
1999 Mural. Metro Housing Trust. Nottingham.
1999 Fence Design. Groundworks. Greater Nottingham.
1998 Pebble mosaic. Groundworks. Ashfield and Mansfield.
1997 Mosaic pavement. City Challenge. Nottingham.
1996 Fibonacci Tower. Sustrans. Glasgow.
1995 Dens and Nests Groundworks. Ashfield and Mansfield.
1995 Gardeners Question time. Ikon Gallery. (touring) Birmingham.
1993 Cafe Frieze. Groundworks Architects. Base 51.
1993 Wooden Fish Sculptures Groundworks Architects. Base 51.
1993 Found object metal Gate. Groundworks Architects. Base 51.
1993 Design Drawings. Sustrans. Glasgow.
1993 Building Costumes. TANC. Nottingham City Council.


2003 Mapping residency. HollyGirt School. Nottingham.
2002 Reclaim residency. (5 months) Artworks MK. Milton Keynes.
1997-2000 Environmental art residency. Ecoworks. Nottingham
1995 Recycled Materials Residency. Environ. Leicester.
1994 Sculpture residency. Carlton Le Willows School. Nottingham.
1994 Sculpture residency. Patchings Farm Arts Centre. Notts.
1992 Sculpture residency. Cussons soap Factory. Nottingham


2006 Chicago week architecture workshops. Gallery 37. Birmingham.
2006 Reclaimed materials residency. The Playhouse. Londonderry.
2005 mural workshops. residency. Elliot Durham school. Nottingham
2004 Recycling demonstration. Backfabrik. Berlin.
2003 Rangoli workshops. Lifeskills. Basford nottingham.
2001 Disabled Access workshops. Ecoworks. feasibility study.
1999 mural design. workshops. Schools in St Anne's . Nottingham
1997 Mosaic workshop. Sycamore school. Nottingham.
1996 Deconstruction workshop. Tupton Hall School. Chesterfield.
1994 Sculpture workshop. Appleton Gate Special school. Newark.


2004 P/T tutor Mosaics/ sculpture. Nottingham University.
1993 Visiting lecturer. Grantham college.
1992 Visiting Lecturer. Newark and Sherwood College.
1990 Visiting Lecturer. South Notts. College. Chesterfield College.
1988/90 P/T Communications/art lecturer. Derby Tertiary College.


1983 /97 Various performance and live art projects either as part of a company or as writer/performer at numerous venues throughout Britain and Europe.

Film and Multimedia.

2006 Lost. Interactive web based map. Cooper Gallery. Barnsley.
2004 Resonant Cities. Sound work web broadcast. Drift. Scots media.
2004 Defining Moments. Digital video using slow motion capture.
2002 Dissemble. Collaboration with Frank Abbott. digital video.
2001 Lost. Interactive computer based map. City Sites. Nottingham Castle.


2004 Brides of march. The Embassy. Edinburgh College of Art.
2004 Defining Moments. Broadway+ other locations. Nottingham.
2004 BBC Big Screen projections. Nottingham.
2004 The Bigger Picture. Manchester. co hosted by Cornerhouse and BBC
2004 One Take Film Festival. Zagreb. Croatia.
2004 Trampoline. Nottingham.


2008 Arts Council England. Scunthorpe project funding.
2006 Arts Council England. R+D grant for solo and curated shows in Canada
2004 Arts Council England. Research travel grant.
2003 Arts Council England. Film development grant
2000 Year of the Artist. City Sites Project funding.