a new project that explores the unnoticed aspects of the city,
a night time guided tour with a powerful torch
the narrative is explored by a musician from the local area
playing a blend of free form improvisations in response to the illuminated detail






commissioned for Light Night Leeds 2014,
constructed from redundant photographic transparencies
During the evening people were able to construct their own small structure
illuminated by an LED tea light






commissioned by the Silk Mill Derby 2014,
using just a few of the 9000 individual items
used to create the Crown Derby figurines
These items have been in storage since the factory closed in 1870






commissioned by Barnsley CC as part of the Tour de France event2014,
electrical wire woven onto steel mesh
developed with the assistance of school children from Barnsley
sited on the Trans Pennine way the work depicts both the route for the TDF and the TPW






commissioned by Hot House theatre for the Gedling Film Festival 2014,
the winning film in each category received an award


golden camera award




commissioned by E-luminate,
installed above the main entrance to Anglia ruskin University Cambridge.





SHINE 2013

commissioned by Brighton City Council for Shine on London Road.,






Exhibited in Process Mattters
at the Gallery Stoke Newington. London.
incorporating film work on integrated monitors






in collaboration with Look4ideas
using colour change LED flood lights fibre optic lights and laser
part of Light Night Nottingham






an ongoing installation using numerous letters of rejection
accumulated over a long art career.





TEST PAGE Sorry about the Mess 2010   Hotel Mariakapel  Hoorn NL.


overloaded 2010 Galerija Galzenica , Velika Gorica, Zagreb Croatia. in collaboration with Tonka Malekovic


You never march alone. 2010 The public are not Invited. Nottingham.





virtual redundancy

Virtual Redundancy.


A three site installation. by Paul Matosic


Redundant items of computer technology are carefully taken apart and the individual components are arranged in a series of geometric configurations across the floor of the space.

A camera fixed directly above the floor filmed the process (in stop frame) and each days take was processed and sent electronically to a venue in Brazil. The film will be projected onto the floor of that venue and around this virtual image further components from disassembled technology will be arranged.

As the image on the film changes the physical arrangement will adapt. During the exhibition images of the installation showing both the projected and real will be returned to Nottingham and displayed in the gallery. The installation here may respond to these changes and the new arrangement returned to Brazil, resulting in further changes.

The event in Brazil will last until the end of November, for the last two weeks of this I shall work with Total Kunst in Edinburgh. using the same images sent to the gallery where they will be displayed, accompanying these images will be detailed instructions enabling participants in the gallery to start a new deconstruction installation. As this evolves images will be returned and further instruction sent.

Virtual Redundancy opens in Nottingham as a shop window installation at
568 Gallery Woodborough Rd on the 6th October.

The gallery will be open on some days to be decided later.

opens in The 7th Mercosul Biennial Porto Alegre Brazil on the 16th October

opens in Edinburgh at Total Kunst on the 16th November

Virtual redundancy ends 30th November .



I did not Planet - 2009 ( maps and wood 2.5 m dia.)


Global Restructuring

Paul Matosic works mainly with found or recycled objects - through this he expresses a healthy disdain for a society that is consumed by its desire to acquire 'stuff'. Much of his work results in large scale floor based installations though he also works with moving image, often making films based upon his installation work.

In March of this year, Paul Matosic was one of thirty artists based in Nottingham who had to vacate their studios because the owner of the building wished to regenerate the space as a centre for the creative industries. They had occupied these spaces for about twenty years but it would seems the owner did not necessarily regard art as creative.
Prior to vacating his studio, Paul was starting a new piece of work based on a wide assortment of maps and an equally wide assortment of wood off-cuts. Sections of map were being glued to the blocks of wood to make up a large scale wall based installation.
Bank Street Arts were delighted to offer Paul the opportunity to complete the work in one of our galleries over the Summer. The residency allowed Paul the space to make this work and to experiment with its installation, initially as a floor based piece and then elaborated as a wall based work. The residency gave Paul the opportunity to develop this work utilising the space as both a studio and display area.
The piece, entitled, "I did not plan it" will remain on show until early October whereupon Paul will reinterpret the piece elsewhere in the Centre as part of a larger exhibition of work including a new installation piece to be created in the Atrium at Bank Street...

John Clarke ( Bank Street Arts)



Message in a Bottle. 2009 - Barnsley


450 cm x 350 cm x 300 cm
constructed from 4500 plastic water bottles.
This work was commissioned by The Civic Barnsley as part of Africa 53.
The more observant amongst you will detect that I have very little connection with Africa apart from a great appreciation for African music.
The premise behind this exhibition was to show that there is contemporary art from Africa and attempts to erode the generalisation that African art is all about masks and tradition.
The internationally renowned artist Bright Eke should have made this work, , empty bottles are his chosen material through which he explores the volatile issue of water ( and oil) in Nigeria and Africa in general.
Unfortunately due to new regulations that restrict entry into Britain ( for creative people) he was unable to come here to make this work.
Because of my work with recycled materials I was asked to make this work (in the manner of Bright Eke.).

The gallery@ The Civic
Hanson Street

Africa 53 opens 17/09/09 until 04 /11 /09



Paul Matosic © 2013
designed and hosted by chalkfish